New York Lottery Review

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The New York lottery has been going since 1966, with billions of profits funding massive educational projects. There have also been some lucky winners in a multitude of games, which can be played locally, as well as internationally.

Main games

The New York lottery has the big lotteries under its belt including Mega Millions and the Powerball, but the main New York Lotto has been attracting more players over the years, as the stakes get higher and the payouts become more impressive. Held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, hopefuls can expect the jackpot to reach $20 million and above.

State games

If Daily games are your favorite, you will love Take 5. Here, all you need to do is select 5 numbers from 1-39 and pay $1. If you want to better your odds, you can spend up to $5 on a sheet. For those people who want to make their gaming as simple as possible, you can play the same numbers up to 7 drawings in advance. The drawings take place every evening, with millions of dollars to be won.

Up your odds by playing Numbers. This 3 number game can be played in the morning and evening with players selecting their 3 lucky numbers as a “straight” or “box” combination. This means that your numbers must either match those drawn in the same sequence, or they must just be the same numbers.

Instant scratch-offs

Why wait days for the bigger lotteries, when you can play the instant scratch-offs every day. Simply choose how much you are willing to pay from $1 to $10, and select your game in that price range. Each games has different rules, but most will ask that you select a certain amounts of numbers. Whether you believe in the luck of selecting your birthdate or a favorite number, these games are quick and fun to play. Prizes can include free tickets for those who have matched 2 out of 5, while the cash payouts can reach close to $60 000 per game.

How to claim your prize

The New York lottery has simple rules for claiming your winnings. If you have won less than $600, you can claim the money at any lottery retailer, while international players will receive their payouts in their concierge accounts. This can then be drawn immediately or kept for future lottery games.

If you have won more than that amount, you will need to visit a lottery district to claim your money. International players will need to contact the lottery, but all claims must be made within a year of the draw. There are different rules for claiming scratch-offs wins as this must be made within 60 days.

Whether you are playing from overseas or you are a local, you will need to pay federal and state taxes.

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