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The Illinois lottery has been creating millionaires across the state, country and worldwide for almost 30 years, and it shows no signs of stopping. Funding education in a big way by donating close to $1 billion since the lottery began, this lotto is about a lot more than just the games.

The Big Games

The Illinois Lottery has some big lottery games to its name including the Lotto and Lucky Day Lotto. These draws can see winners taking home millions of dollars with the Lotto starting at $2 million. To play, just select 7 numbers and you might be the next lucky millionaire.

The Lucky Day draw is a daily game played at midday and the evening, giving hopefuls a chance of taking home almost $1 million in a single draw! You can even subscribe to the game and play for weeks in advance.

Of course, most lotto players always choose to go for the national lotteries, including Mega Millions and Powerball. Why wouldn’t you, when the largest jackpot in history of $656 million was won in part by an Illinois resident.

Daily games

Why wait for certain days to come around when you can play the daily games offered on the site and in-store. Pick 3 and Pick 4 are both popular games, with big prizes to be won instantly. Ticket prices start at 50c with prizes of $500.

Instant games

These instant games are fun to play with high odds of winning. If you play the Cash for Life games, you can take home thousands of dollars every day or week depending on your win. If you fancy $10 000 every week for 20 years, as well as $1 million upfront, then the 20 Years of Cash game is for you. Each ticket costs $10 with the overall odds of 1 in 3 to take home a prize.

Red Ribbon Cash

Pay $5 for a ticket and know that all of the proceeds of this scratch card game will go towards organizations that fight for AIDS/HIV prevention. You could win up to $250 000 in the game by matching the winning combination.

Lottery Pools

The Illinois Lottery encourages players to join lottery pools, with many of these teams taking home some great wins over the past years. Join a lottery pool with your colleagues, family or friends and buy your tickets as a team. This method gives you great odds, but also becomes a fun game that can be played every week.

How to claim your winnings

The Illinois lottery has simple rules for claiming your winnings. If you have won less than $600, you can claim the money at any lottery kiosk, while international players will receive their payouts in their concierge accounts. This can then be drawn immediately or kept for future lottery games.

If you have won more than that amount, you will need to visit a lottery district to claim your money. International players will need to contact the lottery, but all claims must be made within 180 days of the draw. There are different rules for claiming scratch-offs wins as this must be made within 60 days.

Whether you are playing from overseas or you are a local, you will need to pay federal and state taxes.

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