Spanish elGordo Lottery

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Spanish elGordo is a private company managed by TWL SPAIN and registered in Spain. has been in business since 1860 and has been available online since 1996.

Lotteries includes the National Lottery which is takes place on Thursdays and Saturdays. The Sunday Lottery, Spanish 6/49, El Nino (January), Daily 6/49, Football Quiniela and of course, elGordo lottery are the annual December Christmas lotteries.

How to pick winning elGordo numbers

 The biggest winning ticket of the elGordo Spanish Christmas is usually worth about 3 million euros in total, but what makes the Spanish Christmas lottery the biggest in the world, is that there are many winning numbers with prizes of smaller amounts. The elGordo lottery pays out more lottery prizes than any other lottery draw in the world, which is why the Spanish Christmas lottery is the biggest lottery pay-out in the world.

What time does elGordo draw?

 ElGordo is known as the Christmas lottery which is only active during the month of December. Draws takes place on Thursday and Saturday’s at 6pm.

How to collect winnings

 Prizes under €3,000 are transferred directly to the player’s account. Any winnings over €3,000 are transferred directly from the banking company related to the lottery and/or the player can go directly there to cash their prize.

 Lottery Tax Calculator

 You can expect a 20% tax deduction from of any prize won over €2,500. There is no mention of this on the’s site. Though most people in Spain are probably are aware of this, the rest of the people in the 140 countries that they claim play the lottery might not be.





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