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Held in exotic Spain, La Primitiva is one of the oldest lotteries in the world (beginning 250 years ago) and is open to all countries. This impressive game gives away $1.4 billion in cash payouts to winners every year.  Approximately 35% of entrants win a prize in each draw while 70% of lottery revenue is put straight back into the lottery to up the stakes.

The lottery hit the record of €73 million, after an incredible 39 rollovers in February 2014. This amount was split between 2 winners.

The draw is held every Thursday and Saturday evening, attracting millions of viewers who have a 1 in 13 million chance of winning the coveted jackpot.Untitled-1

How to play

All you have to do to play, is select 6 numbers from 1-49. The lotto is unique, in that it randomly selects a seventh number on your behalf.  If you match your 6 numbers with the winning selection, you could be walking away with the jackpot. La Primitiva allows players to win in more ways with a bonus ball option. If you have matched 6 numbers with an additional bonus ball, you can win a substantial amount.

Locals can easily buy tickets in store or online, while international players should use an accredited concierge service.

How to win La Primitiva

There are many theories on how you could be walking away with the jackpot, we give you some insight into the tips and tricks of winning big.

  1. In La Primitiva, on average, one lottery number will be a repeat hit from the last drawing 56 percent of the time.
  2. Always select a good combination of odd and even numbers as well as high and low numbers. Usually, the winning numbers will be spread across the board.
  3. Pool your money and tickets with people you trust, this will give you higher odds and a better chance of winning, even if it is not the grand prize.

How to collect your winnings

Congratulations! You have won in the La Primitiva lottery, but how do you collect your winnings? If you are a local, you can simply collect small amounts from your lottery agent while larger amounts will need to be organized through the official lottery.

International players can collect their winnings via their concierge. Here, the concierge will pay all amounts to your online account, alternatively, if you have won a large sum or the jackpot, you will need to organize with the lottery itself to claim your winnings.

Who has won La Primitiva?

A man joined a demonstration in Madrid against unemployment and social welfare costs in June 2011, not realizing that he had a winning lottery ticket in his hand. This incredibly lucky player had just won €1,348,910 in La Primitiva, completely changing his life and his interest in the demonstration.

La Primitiva has had some astounding jackpots over the years. From a €24.92 million jackpot in 2005, to €26 million in 2007, €32 million in 2013, and last but not least, €73 million in February 2014.

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