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Web AddressIrish-Lotto.comPlatformnot apparent
GamesLottoBonusesData Download Ltd
Ticket PricesLicensednot apparent
Irish Lotto$ 43 (2 lines = 4 draws)Website Securitynot apparent
Payment methodsVisa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery, Diners

What is Irish-Lotto?

One look at this site’s landing page had our site’s experts at immediate suspicion. Not only did it look amateur and like something that was designed in the early nineties, but it also has very few information to work with – like who they are or what they exactly do. Gathering from the little information we were able to salvage, this site acts as a concierge for the Irish Lotto and also provides results. On this site, players have the option to play a minimum of 4 draws (2 lines) valued at $43.  Even though it is nowhere indicated, this site is owned and operated by owned and operated by the Irish and UK Subscription Service also known as Data Download Ltd which also operates a sister site called

Who can play at Irish-Lotto?

Since there are no terms & conditions that state otherwise, we are led to believe that anyone can play here – but we cannot say that for sure.

What are the Special Features/Benefits that Irish-Lotto has to offer?

With a site that looks as unpromising as this, we weren’t too disappointed to find no benefits to be had. They do have a cute section in the middle of the landing page that offers lottery facts and statistics and they even have a page dedicated to educating their players about scams.

Winning at Irish-Lotto

Under the ‘how to play section’ they explain that prizes are tax free and that the wins are paid out in a lump sum. After sending you the winning results, Payment is made according to your instructions. All Winnings under €200 will be credited to your account or it can be paid to your credit card. If the win is over €1,000, it will be sent via check or bank transfer minus the appropriate bank charges. We aren’t sure what is done with the sins between those two amounts so that would need some more investigation work.

What about Customer Service?

They have kindly offered their email address, telephone number and an Irish address at the bottom of the page if anyone wishes to contact them.

Would we recommend

Trying not to judge a book by its cover, we will say that there are no giveaways that this site is a scam. We also would like to note that they are very straightforward in what they do. Our only wish is that they would improve their interface and implement more benefits to make them more appealing.


The Review

3.7 Score


The Good

  • Straightforward site

The Bad

  • Bad interface
  • No benefits
  • Affiliate network


  • Company Identity 50%
  • Benefits 10%
  • Customer Service 50%
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