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Known as the biggest lottery in Europe, the EuroMillions has hit record jackpots since its inception in 2004. Attracting players from all corners of the globe, this exciting lottery can hit winnings of €190 million.  Originally, the EuroMillions only included France, the UK and Spain, but Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland joined 6 months later and increased the stakes.

It is so easy to play the EuroMillions anywhere and at any time, with the phone and desktop apps. These applications allow you to play the game while also keeping you up to date on the latest lottery news, tips and tricks.2

Play EuroMillions online

The EuroMillions works a little differently from other lotteries, as you will need to select 5 numbers from 1-50 and 2 numbers from the Lucky stars selection which is from 1-11.

If you are a local player, you can buy your ticket online yourself, however, the steps will be different for international entrants. Any international tickets are bought through a concierge service. A reputable concierge service will usually need you to open an account with them when you make your first play. Using a concierge is extremely simple, as you enter your chosen numbers as you would in any other lottery. The concierge will then buy the ticket on your behalf, before scanning it and adding it to your online account for ease of use.

If you win the EuroMillions, the concierge will arrange the payments made to your account. It is advised that if you win, you have a signed copy of your ticket for safe-keeping.

What time is the EuroMillions draw?

The EuroMillions draw is held every Tuesday and Friday evening at approximately 9pm CET in France.

How to win EuroMillions

The lottery always comes down to choosing the best numbers on the day. This can be virtually impossible to guess, however, EuroMillions gives its own advice on picking numbers.

  1. Some people base their decisions on past history. Statistically, the number drawn more than other is 50. It has been drawn 101 times, while 44 and 4 have been drawn 96 times each. The Lucky Star balls see number 3 and 8 drawn more than any other numbers.
  2. While selecting your birthday as a lotto number may seem like a good idea, always remember that there are only 31 numbers in total, meaning that you will be limiting yourself. Statistically, numbers over 40 feature well in many draws worldwide.
  3. You can always just leave the numbers up to fate by selecting a quick pick and allowing the computer to make the decision for you. Alternatively, you could s3lect numbers based on car registration plates or meaningful dates.

How to collect winnings

Claiming your EuroMillions fortune will differ for international participants and local players. If you have won big, your concierge service will contact you to guide you through the claims process. You will have the option to receive the money in person, all expenses paid, in the country of the lotto. Smaller amounts can be transferred directly into your account from the concierge service, an amount that you can immediately withdraw or keep for future tickets.

Local winners can collect their payout from an official lottery sales agent, or contact the EuroMillions for any large amounts.

Euromillions winners

A couple in the UK hit it big when they won the EuroMillions. Not only that, but it was the biggest jackpot ever won through this lotto, at €161 million. Donating vast amounts to various organizations, this couple are living the life in a €3.5 million mansion in Scotland.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford walked away with €148,656,000 in the EuroMillions lottery, after Adrian insisted that he had not purchased a lottery ticket to avoid an argument with his wife. They now plan to spend their fortune on luxury cars and a mansion.

One of the largest fortunes to be won at €113,019,926 was claimed anonymously. In October, a mystery winner took his winnings but made the decision to keep his identity quiet due to the scrutiny of the media.

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