El Gordo De La Primitiva

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A full El Gordo ticket is called a billete. It is a sheet of ten smaller tickets called decimos. Decimos are sold individually or a player can buy the full ten. It’s the usual pick 5 numbers from 1 to 54 and a bonus number from 1 to 9. The bonus number is drawn from a separate drum. Match all 6 numbers and the jackpot is yours. The El Gordo Lottery also does a bonus summer draw in July. A typical jackpot runs around €140 million. I could do some serious shopping with that kind of budget.

How to pick winning El Gordo De La Primitiva numbers

On the website you can select automated numbers but other than that there are no winning/frequent numbers to choose from.

What time does El Gordo De La Primitiva draw?

El Gordo Lottery is played on Sunday’s Madrid time 9:30 pm (GMT +1). Tickets cost €1.50 per line.

How to collect winnings

Players have 90 days to claim prizes.

Lottery Tax Calculator

Up to 2013, El Gordo Lottery was tax free! As of currently, the government has imposed a new tax on winnings of more than €2,500.

Elgordo winners

The last winner to win the jackpot was an unemployed Senegalese man who walked away with €400000 in Spain’s annual Christmas ElGordo Lottery



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