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Based in Italy, SuperEnaLotto is the most popular lottery game for Italians and international players. It is played by millions of people every week from all over the world. Launched in December 1997, it replaced the earlier Enalotto game that had been played since the 1950’s. In October 2010 the SuperEnalotto jackpot topped £177 million, and the game still produces jackpots with record-breaking wins.

Play SuperEnalotto online

 To play SuperEnalotto, you need to select 6 numbers between 1 and 91 for each entry that you play. You can win a prize by matching anything from two balls upwards, with the multi-million Euro jackpot claimed by matching all six numbers drawn. You can also instantly win a prize starting from £25 at the time you purchase your ticket as 8.4% of the prize pool for everyday is dedicated to these quick rewards.

How to pick winning SuperEnalotto numbers

 There is a number frequency table available on the website where you can calculate how many times each number has been drawn.

Adding SuperStar to your SuperEnalotto game increases the chance to win even bigger prizes for just £0.50 extra per entry. You can either pick your own SuperStar number from a choice of 90, or have it automatically generated when you play. If you match it to the SuperStar draw on the night, you are a guaranteed winner. Prizes starts from £5 for matching just the SuperStar and your winnings quickly increase if you match some of the main numbers too. If you match all five main numbers, including the Jolly and the SuperStar, you win a SuperBonus of £1 million and if you manage  to match all six numbers and the SuperStar, an extra £2 million is added to your prize.

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What time does SuperEnalotto draw?

 SuperEnalotto draws take place at 8pm on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. Six main numbers are selected and one jolly number is selected at random. The jolly number is similar to the Bonus Ball in the UK lotto, helping players win big when matched alongside the remaining 5 numbers.

How to collect winnings

Players have 90 days to claim prizes. If you played SuperEnalotto via a concierge service and won a prize, an email will be sent shortly after the draw which notifies you of your win.

Lottery Tax Calculator

All prizes won by SuperEnalotto winners are paid in full and without taxes.

SuperEnalotto winners

The odds of winning the jackpot outright can be calculated at 1 in 622,614,630. Over the years there have been numerous winners. See below.

  • In October 1998, less than a year after the SuperEnalotto game had first launched, a syndicate of 100 players living in the village of Peschici won €32,706,977.
  • In August 2003 an individual SuperEnalotto player won almost €66 million.
  • In May 2005 a syndicate of ten SuperEnalotto players (all of them patrons of a bar in Milan) shared a jackpot win of €71,767,565.
  • In October 2008 a jackpot worth €100,756,196 was won, setting a new record for the biggest ever SuperEnalotto win.
  • In August 2009, an even bigger record was set when a single ticket purchased in Tuscany won an incredible €147.8 million.


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