The Technical Side of Lottery Syndicates

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Joining a syndicate with friends is easy, although the legal aspects thereof could be a little tricky. Before joining a syndicate it is vital to establish a formal agreement between yourself and the other members to maintain a sense of order and legality. At the very least, the agreement should clearly outline what the syndicate expects from its members and the manager and also to ensure that each member is treated fairly. In order to avoid messy legal battles about false claims to winnings you should definitely make sure all members of the syndicate sign this agreement form in acknowledgement of all the rules and regulations.

Agreement Form

A syndicate contract should therefore contain the following details (with no exceptions)

  • The name of the manager
  • Which lottery game you will be participating in
  • What draws will be entered
  • How many draws will be entered
  • Who is responsible for buying the tickets and taking care of money matters
  • Clause containing what happens if someone fails to make their contribution
  • Each player’s name
  • Player’s contribution (how much each will pay)
  • How the winnings will be shared (who gets what percentage)
  • Date of contract
  • Signed acknowledgement by each player
  • Witness signature

Make sure to keep this agreement form updated so that you keep a clear record of syndicate activity. In other words, every time a new member enters the syndicate or an old one leaves; you’ll need to update the syndicate contract. It is imperative that each member retains a copy of the contract and the original needs to be stored away for safekeeping. It is also helpful for the syndicate manager to keep a record of who paid what amount and when.

Banking Account

Instead of inconveniencing the lottery syndicate manager, the group may set up a bank account with a standing order to pay the required amount of money into the account regularly which ultimately saves the manager the hassle of trying to collect money from a large group of people. Whoever is allocated in charge of money matters are thus responsible for withdrawing the monies and purchasing the tickets. Most banks do not support a syndicate account so the payout of winnings could be problematic since they may all go to one account but since the lottery agreement is enforced you are can count your stake safely yours. Large prizes are also usually paid out via check so it can be divided accordingly.


Most lotteries are exempt from taxes (except the US) but in some cases where there is no clear agreement, some revenue consultants may claim that the person who bought the ticket is the winner, whilst the other members of the syndicate are receiving a gift from that person and are liable to pay tax on it. The agreement contract therefore insures your fair share of the winnings and highlights the tax implications explicitly.


In the event that you enter a lottery pool at work, most businesses have the option to insure themselves against major losses in the work place in the event that a group of employees come into a vast sum of money and resign. Lottery Syndicate Insurance is a yearly protection cover that can be taken out by an organization, giving money related backing if such an occasion would arise. The funds are distributed to pay to interim staff and recruitment to help guarantee that the business does not suffer any major losses.

Example of a Contract


Lotto Cop


Lotto Cop

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