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What is a syndicate?

Most people would agree that the surest way to gain an advantage in the lottery is to join a syndicate. It’s simple, reliable and convenient – no calculations, no struggling with software that may or may not tell the future, no hassle. The beauty of syndicates are that they are an unfailing method of increasing your odds to win the lottery. For those who aren’t familiar with what syndicates are, syndicates are groups of people who buy tickets in a pool and split the winnings.

How to choose a syndicate?

Choosing a syndicate could be a confusing process. It’s vital to insist on a formal agreement between yourself and the manager of the group to avoid any future disputes and to ensure that all dealings are regulated. A clever method of picking the right syndicate game would be to balance the jackpot prize against the number of group members to calculate exactly how much you could stand to win.

Here are a few helpful questions to ask when picking a suitable syndicate:

  • What lottery games do they play?
  • How many tickets do they buy?
  • How many players are there in a group?
  • What are the picking methods? (quick picks or own selection)
  • What are the payment options?


As previously stated, your chances of winning are much better with a syndicate yet there are a few downfalls which include having to share your winnings with the other members of your syndicate. It has also been reported that syndicates do experience private disagreements among its members but that’s why you should be extra careful when signing up to make sure to read all the terms and conditions so that you know exactly what to expect from the syndicate.

 Popular International Syndicates

Play lottery / Big Fat Lottos

Play lottery offers up to 10 of the biggest lotteries worldwide which allows members to join in a series of international syndicates. Some of the benefits of playing at Play Lottery include 55 free entries into the next EuroMillions draw when you first join for just £1 and you can also play for millions in jackpot cash in draws from lotteries in the US, Spain and Australia.

Play Lottery Online

Love My Lotto

Love my Lotto provides a wide variety of different syndicated lotto opportunities for people worldwide. They allow multiple play options which accommodates three different base subscriptions (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) where each option gives you different numbers of entries into different lottery game syndicates from the Euro Millions to UK Lotto.

Love My Lotto

You Play We Play Lotto

You Play We Play groups usually consist of a maximum of 50 players, each funding 1 ticket from £2 a play. Their system is relatively simple to understand and they also offer a very useful ‘pay as you go’ play option to play at either the EuroMillions, Thunderball or UK Lotto.

You Play We Play

 Popular USA Syndicates


Wintrillions is one of the most highly recommended lottery syndicates to join in the US and internationally because they have a wide range of syndicates to choose from and they also offer power combos which allow plays from the Powerball, MegaMillions and SuperEnaLotto. There are also Millionaire raffles up for grabs as well as regular promotions and bonuses for loyal members.



LottoLishus is a relatively new provider which provides a new approach to pooling lottery tickets in syndicates. Basically what LottoLishus offers is 3 different ways to earn a share at prizes from either the MegaMillions or the Powerball.


Florida’s Lotto Magic

Florida’s Lotto Magic allows players to participate in 4 types of lottery pools; two of them are fixed (Team Player & Power Player) and the other two types (Team Captain and Power Captain) will let players grow their pools infinitely without the disadvantage of a reduced payout. That means, payouts will always be 10% of the winning proceeds or 50% depending on if their numbers hit anything. They also have great extra bonuses and have been a trusted service for almost twenty years.

Florida’s Lotto Magic


Lotto Cop


Lotto Cop

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