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The Lottery wheeling strategy is one of the most popular strategies to date. The reason it is so popular is because it provides an effective, systematic method for playing the lottery which reaps sure results. The wheeling system basically allows you to organize your number combinations in several different ways to be played in a lottery game.

For the lottery wheel to be effective, a full wheel needs to contain all the possible combinations that can be made with the group of numbers you select. In other words, you will be using multiple groups of the same numbers played simultaneously in a single lottery game. Essentially the lottery wheel is a simple way to increase winning odds because some or all of the winning numbers are certain to match your group of number selections.

Why Lottery Wheeling Works

All serious and dedicated lottery players insist on using this system because it gives you maximum coverage of the numbers you wish to play which guarantees prizes if you select the right combinations for your wheels. Wheeling in lotteries work best for Pick 3 and Pick 4 games because it allows smaller combinations. It has also been proven that wheeling increases a players odds on winning secondary prize tiers.

Even though the original strategy requires actual time investment to calculate, many systems have been developed off this simple strategy thus making it more accessible and user friendly. These automated systems are programmed to calculate all the possible combinations of the numbers you have selected. Most commonly called Lottery wheel Generators, Some of these filtering systems have even been developed in the ‘quick pick’ feature so you need not bother purchasing a secondary system.

The lottery wheeling system is most popular with syndicates because it could be quite costly to purchase lottery tickets in bulk on your own. Therefore, how many wheel combinations you use is directly dependent on how much you are willing to spend.

The best lottery wheeling systems:

The most popular wheeling systems are Smart Luck (Gail Howard) Lottery Wheels, Smart Play Lotto Wheels and the Win Lotto System. These systems have earned a fairly clean reputation save for Smart Luck being a little outdated.

The best lottery wheeling books: (not in ranking order)

  1. Iliya Bluskov – The Combinatorial Lottery Systems (Wheels) with Guaranteed Wins
  2. Iliya Bluskov – Combinatorial Systems (Wheels) With Guaranteed Wins for Pick-5 Lotteries Including EuroMillions And The Mega Lotteries
  1. Gail Howard – Lotto Winning Wheels for Powerball & Mega Millions, 2006 Edition
  2. Gail Howard – Lotto How to Wheel a Fortune, 2007

User Reviews

It is largely agreed that this system is effective and can produce wins but it does require a big investment in time and money. Alternatives are available though, so if you’re interested in checking it out, we suggest you do so in a group play/syndicate or by purchasing the software to save you the time.

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