Lottery Magic – Does it work?

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Since we are dealing with the game of chance, it’s important to explore all of your options in order to stay ahead of the game. Some people rely on sheer luck, some rely on systems and strategies, others choose software and then there’s a select few who believe in calling on a different power altogether – magic! Here at LottoCop, we like to keep an open mind, so we did our own research on lottery magic spells and rituals.


According to one site, the secret to winning the lottery is simple; all you need to do is:

  1. Enter the lottery

  2. Go home

  3. Repeat this as many times as you want: “I will win the lottery yes I will no one will stop me no one will so mote it be.”

  4. Wait and see if it worked and if you won or not

That’s it guys! No hocus-pocus or sacrificing the blood of a virgin needed, all you need to do is say that phrase and believe in the power of the divine to provide for you. There are also other methods you could try, like a ‘Luck Spell’ which requires the right conditions such as a Thursday evening (just in time to catch the MegaMillions draw on a Friday). All you need is a candle, your lottery ticket and some mint leaves. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Carefully light the candle.

  2. Now hold the ticket in your hand (preferably right) and feel positive energy flowing into you. From all around you – the sky and the earth

  3. Recite this incantation:

“I open my eyes to the chances around me

Health and wealth

Safety and happiness

May these energies stay in this lottery ticket”

  1. Good cheer result (repeat 3 times)

  2. Rub the ticket with mint leaves and blow that candle out softly.

Lotto luck spells are apparently important because they banish bad luck from your life and direct good luck to a particular event like when you play the lotto to help you become lucky in performing a specific task like entering a draw.


CaptureOne of the most impressive sites we’ve come across was Lady Zirkaya’s who offers a ‘triple potent money spell’. Now at the reduced price of $30, the famous psychic will “unleash her vast psychic powers on your behalf”. In the detailed page on her site, it also states that:

When Lady Zirkaya receives your request, she will email you with the date that she will begin casting your spell.

Per your request, Lady Zirkaya will cast her powerful spell for you on that day.

Then Lady Zirkaya will cast the same spell on the next day to double its effect.

And then on the third day, Lady Zirkaya will cast the same spell one more time to triple its power!”



Dr Snake believes that if you are not using magic, then “you’re at a serious disadvantage,” because you “need a helping hand—a powerful spiritual helping hand.” Unsurprisingly, he can provide it for you with his Mojo Hand.


What is a Mojo Hand you ask? “The main thrust of the spellworking is to create a spiritually charged Mojo Hand, a voodoo amulet made by Dr Snake, which is a material manifestation of power working on your behalf to bring your lottery and gambling dreams into reality”. In a detailed 3 step plan, Dr Snake will “divest the mojo hand with this power, perform a specialist hoodoo ritual in a cemetery at midnight at a specially chosen grave – an old time gambler’s grave”. Thereafter, he will “call up [the gambler’s] spirit and give him an offering of rum and cigars, which he is as rabid-crazy about in death, as he was in life” and “petition the gambler’s spirit to enter the Mojo Hand, bestowing it (and the roots and curios inside) with numinous power. This brings the mojo hand to life, turning it into a living, breathing artifact that works 24/7 to bring you the winning edge when you play the lottery.”

This package costs as low as $265 USD and after you’ve paid, you will receive an email from Dr Snake which will outline details of your spell. He will also ask you for your date and place of birth in order to complete the Mojo Hand.

On a serious note, if you truly think these spells could work, by all means give them a try and let us know if they’ve worked.  In our experience, most lottery magic schemes are scams in disguise so please be careful who you invest in. There are better, easier ways to win the game, like lottery systems and software.

Do you have any rituals of your own you’d like to share? Leave us a comment below.


Lotto Cop


Lotto Cop

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