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What is Lotto Sorcerer?

Getting past all of the flowery language used on their website, Lotto Sorcerer is a lottery number analysis and prediction software which claims that there are ways to tell what balls will be drawn next based on tiny inadequacies in the lottery draw machines and the balls. Based off the statistical theories of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and Joseph M. Juran, Lotto Sorcerer is designed to detect these little discrepancies in older draws and predict when they will happen again.

What does Lotto Sorcerer do?

According to their website, Lotto Sorcerer has uncovered “the Great ‘Secret’ other lottery software producers hope you will never learn.” What is this secret you may ask? Drawings are apparently not as random as we are made to believe according to them. There’s a detailed description on their website, with some extreme statements justifying this theory but we are more interested in how this software is supposed to assist us. The software dates back to 1987 and claims to detect “hidden” patterns in previous lottery draws, using this to determine the best strategy and numbers to play. Lotto Sorcerer goes for US $49.95, but they do offer a free trial version for a short period of time. The software is said to be operative on both Mac and Windows and works on most lottery types. The website also offers a free step-by-step tutorial that guides the player on how to use Lotto Sorcerer.

User Reviews

Even though the Lotto Sorcerer testimonial page boasts a stellar reputation with almost 200 positive reviews, we still have our reservations about this. Our doubts are emphasized by the outdated website and the wild claims that they make throughout the site. Even though their theory is mildly interesting, the fact that they sell it as a definite makes us skeptic to say in the least.


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