Lotto Looper Software Review

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What is Lotto Looper?

Brought to you by Timersoft, Lotto Looper is a software that assists you in making more “informed” lottery choices. Similar to Lotto Logic – another software endorsed by Timersoft, Lotto Looper makes use of hot/cold number strategies in an effective manner by filtering past results and producing the best number combinations. The software is relatively new, having only been released in 2016

What does Lotto Looper do?

As we have mentioned above, the Lotto Looper makes use of past results to produce the best possible lottery numbers to enter into upcoming draws. This software therefore acts like a convenient tool which filters through years’ worth of past results generating a winning combination. According to their website, Lotto Looper is the next generation lottery software, offering a built in browser which has a color coded number display which tells you what’s hot and what’s not. Lottery Looper also has an auto calendar which checks your tickets and many other interesting features on their user-friendly interface.

User Reviews

We are a little suspicious as it has received a large amount of positive reviews online whereas the actual software has only been on the market for a very short period of time. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, it has been said that Lotto Looper is effective.


Below is a comment from a well-known lottery software reviewer:


Lotto Cop


Lotto Cop

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