Lotto Logic Software Review

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What is Lotto Logic?

This lottery software is sold by Timersoft and claims to be the “best lottery software program for making informed lotto choices” – But is it really? Lotto Logic essentially acts as a number picking-analyzer which is said to produce the most probable numbers to best suit the lottery results for a better chance at winning. Lotto Logic also has an extra feature called Rangefinder which will “run through the entire database of past draws and find the range or ranges of past draws from which you should select numbers”. In plainer terms, this software relies on hot/cold number theory and will play a part in informing you which numbers are best to choose for your future draws based on its so-called vast database of past results.

What does Lotto Logic do?

Instead of having to manually filter through past draw results, this software is automated to do all of that and then produce a number combination suited for more than 90 percent of today’s lotteries worldwide. Lotto Logic is also said to work well with Pick-2, Pick-3, Pick-4, Pick-5, Pick-6, Pick-7 as well as Pick-10 and games such as keno. If you are interested in enjoying more features, Lotto Logic Professional also has many built in features and frequency analyzers. This software looks very outdated but admittedly, they do provide a lot of extra material and information on the Lotto Logic software which we found to be quite helpful.

User Reviews

Even though we have our reservations about this service, most of the online reviews we have come across tend to be positive. Many users have found that the tool is more convenient than having to manually dig up past results. But does it help you win the lottery? We remain unsure.

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