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GamesCharity lottoBonusesnone
Ticket PricesLicensedyes
13 weeks£13.00 = 1 entry per weekWebsite Securityyes
26 weeks£26.00 = 1 entry per week Payment methodsDirect Debit, Credit Card, VISA, WorldCredit, MasterCard
1 year £52.00 = 1 entry per week LanguagesEnglish

What is Your Hospice Lottery?

Your Hospice Lottery (YHL) is owned by St. Helena Hospice located in Colchester, England working in coalition with Arthur Rank Hospice located in Cambridge to raise capital to support local people and their quality of life in hospices. This privately run lottery isn’t a particularly big one, but it does have a big heart – Your Hospice Lottery has thus donated up to £5 million to hospice care facilities and relies entirely on the generosity of its supporters to generate the funds. This lottery doesn’t offer enormous jackpot prizes but there are weekly prizes to be won which range between £10 and £1,000.

Who can play Your Hospice Lottery?

Residents from England and Wales are solely able to participate in this lottery. You must also be older than the legal age of 16 to play.

What are the Special Features/Benefits that Your Hospice Lottery has to offer?

Your Hospice Lottery doesn’t offer any tangible benefits but it certainly would feel rewarding to fund a worthy cause such as this. This lottery has a genuine purpose for the betterment of hospices all throughout the country.

Winning at Your Hospice Lottery

The draw is scheduled for Fridays and players are chosen randomly to qualify for the modest £1,000 prize. Other prize divisions include a £100 prize, four prizes of £25, and 105 prizes of £10. There is also a rollover prize of £250 which is selected from random numbers and if not won, it increases by £250 each week, up to a maximum of £10,000. If you win a prize in this lottery, they will send you a winning check via post so you need not claim it in person. In the fine print of’s terms and conditions we found a clause that states that all prizes that remain in a members account for more than ten weeks will be treated as a general donation to the hospice, but most players tend to donate their wins anyway.

What about their Customer Service? is a straightforward and easy to navigate site; it has all the necessary information pages and provides a snail mail, telephone number, email and online contact form as a means of support plus the site is incredibly clear on exactly how the lottery is conducted and where all the proceeds go.

Would we recommend

If you live in the area and are in a charitable mood, we say you should definitely give this lottery a go. Even though there is not much to be won and this is more of a fund raiser than a lottery game; it still provides good entertainment and odds to win a prize.

The Review

6.3 Score


The Good

  • Charity
  • good odds

The Bad

  • Strictly residents from England and Wales
  • small prizes


  • Company Identity 100%
  • Benefits 10%
  • Customer Service 80%
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