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Web Addresswww.superenalotto.netPlatformThe Lotter Enterprises Ltd.
GamesLottoBonusesMulti draw & Subscriptions
Ticket Prices$ 9Licensedyes
Website Securityyes
Payment methodsVISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Diner's Club
LanguagesEnglish + International

What is Super Ena Lotto?

SuperEnaLotto was launched in 1997 by a private company called Sisal SpA. In present day, SuperEnaLotto is popular for being Italy’s pride and joy with their staggering high jackpot prizes. The marvel about SuperEnalotto is that it’s a big world-renowned lottery with a jackpot that grows until it is won – Yes, that’s right…unlimited rollovers! The usual method of playing involves picking a minimum of 6 numbers from 1-90 for each entry made.

Who can play Super Ena Lotto?

Because SuperEnaLotto is so well known worldwide, there are several online ticket concierge services available which make it convenient to purchase a ticket from anywhere as long as it is legalized in their country. The concierge most commonly used is The Lotter, as it is a reputable ticket seller.

What are the Special Features/Benefits that Super Ena Lotto has to offer?

SuperEnaLotto has an ‘Integrated system’ which allows the player to pick more than the regular six numbers (up to eleven) per line at an extra cost. Players can then also buy as many lines as they want, as the more numbers they have would be to their winning advantage. Moreover, the ‘Superstar’ allows players to have the option to add to their numbers by buying one further number from a separate drum of 1 – 90 which helps players win higher supplementary prizes. After the ‘Superstar’ has been chosen, another number called the ‘Jolly’ is chosen randomly for the player which will help win the second tier prize, which requires players to match five numbers and the ‘Jolly’.

Winning at SuperEnaLotto

By matching from just the ‘Superstar’ to all six numbers; winning at SuperEnaLotto is ridiculously easy. It’s also a no brainer to claim winnings when utilizing online ticket concierge services as they take care of all the admin for the player. Payouts are subject to tax regulation from their respective countries but so far no one has had any qualms claiming. Because SuperEnaLotto is government run, the jackpot is worked out based on 35% of sales and the remaining 55% goes to the Government. This leaves a large lump sum to be won with the largest jackpot being shared so far at €177 million.

What about their Customer Service?

A useful feature about the SuperEnaLotto website is that it is multilingual. Since it is made available in German; Italian; French; Spanish; Russian; Polish and English, this speaks volumes about how sought after this lottery game is. Even though there are no existing customer service options available, the website is straightforward enough to understand. Should there be any further query, you may visit the FAQ pages of some of the trusted concierges.

Would we recommend it?

Major jackpot prizes, unlimited rollovers and trusted worldwide – What’s not to love about SuperEnaLotto? The only negative worth mentioning is that a large percentage of the sales goes to the government.

The Review

10 Score


The Good

  • 1 of the top international lotteries
  • bonus features

The Bad

  • large percentage of proceeds are owned by the government


  • Company Identity 100%
  • Benefits 100%
  • Customer Service 100%
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