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Web lotto.iePlatformLotto
GamesLotto Game Play, Lotto prize Draw 50/50BonusesFree notifications, customized promotions and logos
Ticket Prices€ 25Licensedyes
Registration fee€ 199Website Securityyes
Fee per month€ 45Payment methodsMasterCard, VISA
Fee per campaign€ 69LanguagesEnglish


What is Smart Lotto?

Smart lotto is a relatively new partnership company owned by Padraig Cosgrove and Noel Rowland. Smart Lotto is based in Bermullet, Mayo County in Ireland and are a technology company that help charities, clubs, and community organisations raise funds for their various activities. Their vastly innovative ideas have provided a lot of assistance to local clubs and organisations to enhance their fundraising capabilities for the better.

They claim to offer a straight forward pricing structure that best suits the organisation intending to use the online software, with pricing ranging from a once off registration fee, monthly charges and charges per campaign.

Who can play using smart Lotto?

Smart Lotto says players should be 18 and older, although it does not say whether their service is exclusive to the Irish market only or includes other countries, and that is disappointing as it seems they provide a good lottery service.

Winning with Smart Lotto

The have a 20,000 Euros limit on their winnings per draw, which according to Smart Lotto is the current Irish legislation imposed on small private lotteries. This is another drawback considering the amount is on the low side.

There are two formats of games that Smart Lotto provides to clubs and charities to use, these are mainly Lotto Game Play and Lotto Prize Draw 50/50.For Lotto Game Play users are able to use multiple game selection with 20-40 ball draws that can either be done on a weekly and monthly basis and also allows individual clubs and charities to customise discount structures and ticket pricing, there’s a mobile app that gives notifications on winning numbers to players.

On the other hand, Lotto Prize Draw 50/50 allows clubs and charities to play quarterly games with a once off prize to be won with a draw of all entry tickets. It offers a customised feature that sends out news notifications to players on upcoming prize draw events, and there are no transactional fees charged on the different charities and clubs for the first 12 months, this enables them to keep all profits generated from all the ticket sales.

Customer service

Smart Lotto provides customer service to club and organisation administrators during the weekly working hours of 09:00-17:00, which they claim to resolve within 4 hours and they also offer emergency technical support via text message.

Although Smart Lotto have provided their customer service phone number and e-mail we feel they could have done better by offering a live chat platform on their website as well. Their social media presence is well felt as they have a regularly updated Facebook and Twitter account, though they could do well to attend to some of the comments and feedback.

Would we recommend Smart Lotto?

The fact that their software is designed to assist fundraising activities for charity and local clubs needs to be commended and given support, their pricing structure is fair. They have a well-informed privacy statement and terms and conditions page that provides information on all sensitive matters concerning lotteries. However, there is a lack of information on the mode of play of the actual games and if it’s exclusive to Ireland or worldwide. Another low point is the legislative cap on winnings per draw that was imposed on their company as the lottery is mostly about winning big and hitting the jackpot. All in all Smart Lotto is a well-managed and professional lottery company that just needs a few tweaks here and there to improve.






The Review

7.5 Score


The Good

  • Clean website
  • The software can be customized for the individual charities and clubs

The Bad

  • The 20,000 Euros limit on winnings per draw
  • It is unclear which countries can participate


  • Customer service 80%
  • The website 70%
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