Princess Margaret Home Lottery

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Web Addresswww.princessmargaretlotto.comPlatformWelcome Home Sweepstakes Lot.
Gameshome lotteryBonusesdream homes, cars, destinations etc.
Ticket Priceslimited tickets availableLicensedyes
Website Securityyes
Payment methodsVISA, MasterCard, etc.

What is Princess Margaret Home Lottery?

Princess Margaret Home Lottery (PMHL) is based in Ontario, Canada and was established years ago as one of the key supporters of patient healthcare and cancer research. The PMHL therefore runs as an annual sweepstake lottery whereby all participants’ contributions go toward a particular fund namely, the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. PMHL offers several grand prizes with amazing odds to win luxury dream homes and much more. Because the lottery is run annually, the actual close date for tickets is the 9th of May, with prize draws starting on the 17th of May through to the 23rd of May. Tickets are $100 but with the great odds, people are inclined to buy more than one investing $250 for a 3 pack or $375 for a 5 pack. Tickets can be even share purchased with up to three names per ticket.

Who can play at Princess Margaret Home Lottery?

There are no international residential restrictions but tickets have to be ordered directly from the PMCF. The tricky part is that only way to obtain a ticket is to order them and have them delivered to an address in Ontario, Canada. All participants must be over the age of 18 to play.

What are the Special Features/Benefits that Princess Margaret Home Lottery has to offer?

The Princess Margaret Home Lottery requires a low commitment of time since it only happens once a year however the odds to win are favorable and the prizes to be won are even more so. PMHL’s Grand Prize tiers include million dollar dream homes; condos; townhouses; convertible cars; vacations and home electronics. These goods can of course also be sold for cash if the winner so wishes it. If that’s not enough motivation to sign up, the lottery’s social cause to fight cancer aims to donate 100% of the net proceeds from the lottery benefit to cancer research at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Winning at Princess Margaret Home Lottery

Because there are only 357,000 tickets sold, this sweepstake has good odds of winning something. Most users have confirmed that winning isn’t as farfetched as other big lotteries and some even won some of the small prize tiers. Prizes won in the lottery aren’t taxable

What about their Customer Service?

There are no contact numbers or official information about the lottery on the PMH lottery site which is quite inconvenient when trying to figure out the terms and processes. Most of the information is found on the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation page where you will find all the necessary contact information like a telephone number, physical address, email address, fax and other relevant numbers. They do provide a FAQ page but there is little information about the lottery present.

Would we recommend it?

Princess Margaret Home Lottery provides a worthy cause to play and it also requires a little effort. Even though the investment is a little pricey, the prizes to be won and the odds make this cause worthy enough to want to pursue. We still aren’t sure whether or not international residents are able to participate and we do have our reservations about the lottery’s site but we can confirm that they are 100% credible.

The Review

6.7 Score


The Good

  • Supports cancer research & awareness
  • luxury prizes to be won
  • credible site

The Bad

  • limited information on the site
  • unsure whether international players are welcome
  • limited tickets available


  • Company Identity 100%
  • Benefits 70%
  • Customer Service 30%
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