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Web Addresswww.lotto.pch.comPlatformPublishers Clearing House
Gameslottery sweepstake & slotsBonusesbonus games
Ticket PricesfreeLicensednot available
Website Securityyes
Payment methodsN/A

What is PCH Lotto?

Publisher Cleaning House (PCH) has been operating since 1953 as a magazine provider, but since the website was launched in 1999, they have been expanding their marketing campaigns to lottery sweepstakes. PCH lotto is thus the latest addition to the Publisher Cleaning House family which offers a bunch of daily lottery sweepstake and scratch games to be played. Their assortment of games include PCHlotto Twilight, Frostbite Funds, Reindeer Riches and Seasons Winning PCH. The hook with this company is that it uses the lottery sweepstake as a marketing technique to generate sales and customer contact information.

Who can play at PCH Lotto?

PCH lotto is available exclusively to all US and Canadian citizens who are older than 18 and physically reside in either country.

What are the Special Features/Benefits that PCH Lotto has to offer?

As previously stated, PCH lotto offers several additional games to be played like Blackjack, Instant Bingo Progressive Jackpot or PCH Slots. When playing the Blackjack game, the Daily Bonus Game is triggered automatically the first time you visit PCH Casino every day. The Instant Bingo Progressive Jackpot is offered during a promotional period whereby prizes will be randomly assigned to those certain randomly selected winning times. If you are the first person to play at or after a winning time during a promotional period, you will win that prize.

Winning at PCH Lotto

The fun part about winning at PCH is their reality TV style winning moments YouTube channel called the PCH Prize Patrol. If you are a lucky winner with PCH, a group of their employees would directly visit your house and catch the candid moment as they hand you the prize money. PCH lotto does not exactly stipulate just how much there is to be won nor any tax related issues.

What about their Customer Service?

Even though PCH has an informative and extensive FAQ page, it is problematic in the sense that all the information can’t be found on one page but rather through several links to more pages on the site. PCH lotto has made their (free) telephone number available for any billing, order related or sweepstakes enquiries. They have also provided several email forms for the different services they offer as well as a physical address.

Negative Reviews

As most sweepstake lotteries, PCH has received several negative online feedback. Concerns such as winnings not being paid, constant email notifications of sales and promotions and extreme low odds of winning at all have been raised.

Would we recommend PCH Lotto?

The biggest issue with this lottery is that they take advantage of contact information to advertise their publications via email. The winning sums are also not transparent enough for users to trust that they will eventually win and there are also just too many online negative reviews about spam to risk giving them your personal information.

The Review

4.3 Score


The Good

  • FREE

The Bad

  • spam
  • not transparent enough


  • Company Identity 80%
  • Benefits 10%
  • Customer Service 40%
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