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Web Addresswww.myplaywin.comPlatformPan Indian Network Ltd.
Ticket Pricesavailable at retailerLicensedyes
Website Securityyes
Payment methodsMyPlaywin.Com Card

What is MyPlayWin?

Operating for over 13 years, MyPlayWin is the lottery and gaming brand of Pan Indian Network Ltd. and part of the 2.4 Billion Dollar Essel Group and also the pioneer of the online lottery business in India. Unlike other lottery ticket providers, MyPlayWin does not offer the ‘traditional’ international lottery games but instead offers their very own games straight from India. These lottery games include the newly introduced Thunderball, Thursday’s SuperLotto, Saturday’s SuperLotto, Jaldi 5 and Jaldi 5 Double plus many more. MyPlayWin pride themselves on their hassle free transparent system to provide exciting and healthy entertainment by introducing new games and a convenient way to play the lottery on three different platforms.

Who can play at MyPlayWin?

Upon first glance, it is assumed that their games are only available to Indians yet after a careful scrutiny at their FAQ section they state that anyone above 18 can play provided that they are physically in India to purchase the ticket and claim the prize.

What are the Special Features/Benefits that MyPlayWin has to offer? don’t offer many benefits but their organization does fund various social causes like primary education and infrastructure projects. In doing so, they sponsor several schemes like the mid-day meal scheme for children in Karnataka, eye check-up & blood donation camps in West Bengal, ambulance service in Maharashtra and many more. Among the benefits that they do offer, there are several extra weekly games such as keno, fast digit lottery and a game called the ‘Superb Science Sugar’ to be played and won. They also have a lucky pick option that chooses the numbers for the player at random to save time. The card acts as a membership subscription which allows players to participate in PlayWin Games from anywhere. PlayWin games are available on three platforms namely retail, internet and SMS.

Winning at

MyPlayWin’s site clearly stipulates that all winnings below Rs.10,000 on a single ticket is redeemed and can be cashed immediately. As you may have noticed, all prizes are paid out in Rupees. All winning prizes above Rs.10,000 on a single ticket have to be claimed and are paid via check and will be subject to taxes in that case. Playwin tickets purchased from a retail outlet can be redeemed from the nearest PlayWin outlet if they have won. Online prizes (Internet/SMS) are credited back to MyPlaywin.Com card and can be redeemed at nearest Playwin outlet/MyPlaywin.Com Card agent. Additionally, for all prizes above Rs. 10000 (on a single ticket) you need to fill a claim form, along with all relevant details (proof of identity etc.).

What about their Customer Service?

Even though does not look like it, the site does provide all the necessary information and extras needed to be credible. They provide a fully extensive FAQ page as well as a toll-free number and online assistance to consult should any problems arise.

Negative Reviews

There have been plenty online negative reviews questioning the transparency of their dealings and if anyone had ever won but MyPlayWin has clearly expressed that the

“Playwin Games of Fortune are very high-tech and completely transparent. The entire hardware and software for these games has been provided by International Lottery and Totalizator Systems (ILTS), USA. The draw is done through a special draw machine. This draw machine is completely automatic.”

As for the complaints that no one had ever won, has a special page dedicated to their winners club.

Would we recommend

Apart from being reputably owned, does a great job of making the lottery games simple and convenient enough for Indians to play. Apart from the negative online reviews (which have been dispelled above), we don’t see why anyone in India shouldn’t play with We do feel that their official site lacks luster and is in desperate need of an upgrade but as long as it contains all the relevant information needed, the site is a small issue.

The Review

5.7 Score


The Good

  • clean & regulated

The Bad

  • strictly offered in India
  • unappealing site


  • Company Identity 70%
  • Benefits 20%
  • Customer Service 80%
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