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GameslottoBonusesVIP monthly draws, holiday destinations & Birthday draws
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Payment methodsVISA, MasterCard etc.

What is the Mater Prize Home Lottery?

Since 1954, Mater Prize Home (MPH) lottery has been operating to raise funds for health service and medical research in Australia. Mater Prize Home conducts 6 lottery draws per year and has a total of 4 lottery products available to choose from. These lotteries include the official MPH lottery, the Chicks in Pink lottery, Cars for Cancer lottery and Cash for Kids lottery. The great thing about the latter two is that they both limit the amount of tickets for first prize which ultimately increases the odds of winning. MPH lottery is built on the basic premise of using the real estate lottery as a means to fund and support worthy health initiatives. To play for a prize, all a user needs to do is to visit, complete the order, submit payment details and then await confirmation.

Who can play at MPH?

There are no rules and regulations which indicate whether Mater Home Prize Lottery is limited to Australians or not. So we cannot say for sure who is able to play or not.

What are the Special Features/Benefits that MPH has to offer?

MPH lottery offers a VIP Club option which rewards loyal members by giving them access to enter 12 annual VIP draws as well as offering holiday vouchers to the value of $5,000 in weekly draws. MPH also has monthly birthday draws and a quarterly newsletter filled with winners’ stories and secrets. So even though the official draws happen seldom per year, there are extra draws which could be won when subscribing to Mater Home Prize lottery.

Winning at Mater Home Prize lottery

As you may have probably gathered by now, MPH lottery winners don’t always win cash but instead they win actual real estate property or cars. The winners of each lottery receive a phone call as soon as the results of the draw are confirmed followed by a letter 2-3 business days after the draw date. The results will be then displayed on the website as soon as possible after the draw and also published in the public notices of The Australian. Should anyone win the lottery, MPH lottery schedules a handover at their convenience and they are then free to move in whenever it suits them best.

What about their Customer Service? offers excellent customer service by making direct dial telephone numbers (free) in Australia and New Zealand plus an International number available to be called between any of the times they have clearly stipulated (Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm AEST +10 UTC and Saturday 8am – 12 noon). This also includes a fax number. When emailing them, they also make sure to send an automated response (to confirm your email) which states that it will take 2 business days to process your query. The official site is clear enough for anyone to understand and their FAQ was also proven to be helpful when sorting out smaller matters.

Would we recommend

The lottery funds a worthy cause and the odds of winning a prize are really good. Playing at MaterHomePrize lottery also requires low commitment because there are fewer draws to keep track of. According to their FAQ section, you are not obligated to keep the property so you could even opt to sell the property for the cash should you so wish it. Our only issue is that we are still unclear about whether they operate internationally or not.

The Review

6.7 Score


The Good

  • Charity
  • low commitment
  • luxury prizes

The Bad

  • unsure whether International players are allowed


  • Company Identity 80%
  • Benefits 50%
  • Customer Service 70%
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