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Web Address Beda Leisure Limited
GamesNot Apparent Bonuses£5000 bonus
Website SecurityYes
Payment methodsBarclays

What is LiveLotto about?

LiveLotto offers an online lottery game that can be played on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. It doesn’t cost as much to play. As what??

How to Play

The first thing you have to do to play the lottery games at is download the app/program. Part of this is uploading your “game face”. Next is choosing the game you want to play, before loading your account and following the instructions to play. has seven different games all with a buy in of 10p. Their largest estimated jackpot is £25,000 plus 100 lucky dips of £1, with a prize tier of £1,000, £250, £100 and £50. The other games have a jackpot of £10,000, £5,000, £1,000, £10, £5 and £1. And then it gets weird. The £1, £5 and £10 draws happen daily as total tickets are sold. An example is the £1 draw which has a total of 16 tickets and once they are all sold, any further tickets are purchased for the next day. This is versus the other four draws that only happen once the tickets are sold. For the £25,000 jackpot, that means 404,581 tickets.

Who can play LiveLotto?

Surprisingly you only need to be 16 years or older to play. No international players can play as it’s only for players based in Wales, Scotland and England.

What are the Special Features/Benefits that LiveLotto has to offer?

On’s web site there is a button for a £5,000 one time draw as part of the launch of their site. There is no date for when it will take place.

Winning at LiveLotto

LiveLotto donates 20% of all ticket sales to a specific charity as set out on their web site. Players get between 62 and 65% of sales paid back in winnings. The rest goes to operating the site. There are no fees for withdrawals though a £5 minimum is applied unless you are closing your account. They also underline the fact they do not store your credit card details on their site and instead PayPoint Plc to process deposits and withdrawals.

What about Customer Service?

There is an email address and online form. On the homepage of the website there is a phone number and support email address. Customer service is open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.

Would we recommend LiveLotto?

If you are a resident of Wales, Scotland or England and physically there, age 16 years or older, then this could be a good and fun game to win some money. You can play daily and have good odds of winning. Although the game is only available for residents physically in Wales, Scotland or England, it is quite concerning to have an age limit of a 16 for gambling.




The Review

7.5 Score


The Good

  • Good odds at winning
  • Daily Games
  • 20% towards charity

The Bad

  • Only for residents in Wales, Scotland and England


  • Customer Service 90%
  • Website 60%
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Lotto Cop

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