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Web Addresswww.interlotto.comPlatformOverseas Subscribers Agents
GamesLotto & Scratch-offsBonusessyndicates
Ticket PricesLicensednot apparent
MegaMillions$49 = 1 drawWebsite Securitynone
EuroMillions$30 = 2 drawsPayment methodsVisa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB credit/debit cards
El Gordo$57 = half decimaLanguagesEnglish, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese & German

What is InterLotto?

Owned and operated by Overseas Subscribers Agents (OSA) this site has been in operation since 1996 – and looks like it. There are no indicators of any gambling commission certification on this site nor any registration credentials. Nevertheless, if you were to find yourself interested in any of Interlotto’s offerings, they have plenty of international games available from USA, Europe, Japan & Australia. From what we can gather, some of the games are free and some are subject to their pricing which can be paid via credit or debit cards.

Who can play at InterLotto?

Our immediate answer to this question would be no one, but the actual answer is that they do not accept players from The Netherlands, Pakistan and The Philippines.

What are the Special Features/Benefits that InterLotto has to offer?

We don’t know if it counts a s a real benefit, but InterLotto also offers scratch-off games on their site. They also have a Euro Lotto group play option. The other benefits they list are a ‘free’ newsletter and other regular updates.

Winning at InterLotto

According to their website, they have a 100% guarantee payout on all winnings. All cash prizes over $1000 will be communicated via the telephone. Players will also receive a prize notification detailing their entire particulars related to the win. No other information is given on the matter.

What about Customer Service?

Surprisingly, this site seems to have a whole ‘helpdesk’ page dedicated to assisting their players and warning them off scams. They also seem to have covered a lot of ground on their FAQ which we actually found impressive. The deal-breaker was however their lack of terms and conditions page or privacy policy. There are also no real direct means of contact save the contact form and the snail mail address in Netherlands. In hindsight, we also found a fax and a telephone number on the ‘about us’ page instead of the contact page. The website was also ridiculously loud with too much on the landing page – it was quite distracting to say in the least.

Negative Reviews

This site seems to have a bad reputation for affiliations with other questionable sites as well as its obvious lack of T&C’s and website security. Testing out the sign-up process, we also found it possible to use fake credentials. More than that, actual users have expressed a raising concern for their lack of response to any allegations against them.

Would we recommend InterLotto?

If you don’t care about your reputation, why should we? There are absolutely no indicators that this site could be legit so we would have to rule it out. On the off chance that it may be, they have some serious updating to do on their look & feel of the website and overall image.


The Review

3.3 Score


The Good

  • None

The Bad

  • Negative online reviews
  • No T&C’s
  • No Privacy Policy
  • No benefits
  • Outdated Interface


  • Company Identity 30%
  • Benefits 20%
  • Customer Service 50%
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