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Web Addresswww.szerencsejatek.huPlatformUnapparent
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Ticket PricesAverage: $1Licensedyes
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Payment methodsunclear

What is HatosLotto about?

HatosLotto is one of Hungary’s several lotto games. Also known as Lotto 6, this one is very popular because of the huge jackpots that can accumulate due to rollovers. One other characteristic that makes the game so popular, is the affordable ticket price. For the equivalent of approximately one dollar, Hungarians test their luck in hopes of taking home those millions.

How to Play

HatosLotto follows the 6 out of 45 model. This means that you have to choose 6 numbers from a pool of 45 for your chance of winning the jackpot. When playing the lottery, you can also pick the joker. Though it makes the ticket a bit more expensive, the joker gives you additional opportunities for winning prizes. The joker consists of 6 digits drawn from the numbers in the range from 0 to 9. These numbers are picked after the main HatosLotto numbers are chosen.

Who can play HatosLotto?

Anyone over the age of 18 and international players are welcome to play as well.

What are the Special Features/Benefits that HatosLotto has to offer?

No benefits stipulated on website.

Winning at HatosLotto

Winners have 90 days to collect their awards. All of the prizes are provided in the form of tax-free lump sums. If you’re an international player, however, don’t forget that the local taxation policies on lottery winnings will apply.

What about Customer Service?

Because the language of the site is Hungarian, it is difficult to see whether there are contact numbers available. Even though you can switch to UK English, you are redirected to a different page where the language is English but when going back to the home page the Hungarian language appears again.

Would we recommend HatosLotto?

The merits of HatosLotto are easy to see. Anyone that loves big jackpots will already be eager to give this lottery a try. Tickets prices are very affordable with a chance to win a spectacular jackpot. The prizes are non-taxable in Hungary and some of the ticket money goes to good causes in the country.











The Review

6.5 Score


The Good

  • Affordable tickets

The Bad

  • Theres only 1 draw per week


  • Language 20%
  • Ticket pricing 70%
  • Easy to play 80%
  • Jackpot rolls over 90%
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