American Real Lotto (AURL) Review

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Web Addresswww.aurl.comPlatformAmerican Real Lotto Ltd.
GamesLottoBonuses‘Win the Lotto' book, refer a friend bonus, combination strategies
Ticket Pricesnot availableLicensednot apparent
MegaMillionsWebsite Securitynot apparent
PowerballPayment methodsPaypal, VISA, MasterCard
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese, Hebrew, Spanish

What is AURL?

American Real Lotto (AURL) is an authentic US lottery ticket concierge which offer two of the largest US lottery games to be played on their site. The Mega Millions and Powerball are world-renowned for their enormous jackpots and constant rollovers that most players can’t resist trying their luck. AURL’s official site thus provides an easy access to playing the lottery from the comfort of your own home and even an advanced service that is said to increase a players winning odds drastically.

Who can play at AURL?

AURL has a set of strict rules which prohibit a few nations from using their services. These nations include; citizens and residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, France, Singapore, Taiwan and the Republic of the Philippines. They also exclude players who are subject of a nation that disallows betting of any kind.

What are the Special Features/Benefits  that AURL offer?

AURL offers some interesting special features which were developed to enhance a player’s winning chances and overall satisfaction with the lottery games they offer. Upon registration to their service you are offered a free copy of their ‘Win the Lotto” book which was supposedly written by their experts. The site also aims to advise you as the player to make smarter picks by making use of number combination strategies like “Odd – Even & High – Low” number strategies, “Group Numbers” and others which include wheeling and past results information. In addition to these features, AURL also rewards you for referring a friend with a $5 play bonus.

Winning at AURL

Any small sums (under $600 USD) will be automatically credited into your account should you win any money in the lottery. Alternatively, larger sums could take a longer time and may also require you to collect them personally. AURL deducts a 5% commission fee in addition to the fees they will charge you for any money transfers.

What about their Customer Service?

The site does not hint at any foul play yet there is no indication of who owns the site or who runs the lottery network. There is also no registration details, no location which may give away where or who they are. Their support contains no snail mail address, no telephone numbers and no direct email address for except for the online contact form they have on the website. The only traceable email address is found in privacy and security.

Would we recommend

We can’t say for sure who we are dealing with so we would advise you continue with caution before registration. We also find it disappointing that they only offer two lottery games to be played and that they have so many nations restricted from using their services. Upon deeper investigation, we also noted that the last draw results published were in 2013.

The Review

2.7 Score


The Bad

  • only 2 games
  • results are not recent
  • nationality restrictions
  • limited customer service options


  • Company identity 20%
  • Benefits 40%
  • Customer Service 20%
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