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Web Addresswww.michiganlottery.comPlatformMichigan Lottery
GamesLotto, Keno, Instant games, Raffle, BingoBonusesInstant Games, Players Club, Promotions, Giveaways
Ticket PricesLicensedyes
Megamillions$1Website Securityyes
Powerball$2Payment methodsVISA, MasterCard

What is LottoSpring?

LottoSpring is not your average lotto. “ is an online Lotto Game with a Social Lotto Sharing System.” They’re a social lottery game and business opportunity that provides its members with various ways to win and make money. We are led to believe that Jamie Mather is the CEO of LottoSpring and owns 100% of the company. He has a background as an online marketing consultant and gaming software specialist. LottoSpring is the foundation and its very first draw only took place in November 2015. The upgraded version, Pro Spring, is the VIP segment of LottoSpring which is still in its launch phase. LottoSpring operates out of the British Virgin Islands or as Jamie Mather’s Twitter profile suggests, Malta.


How does it work?

LottoSpring’s system is quite easy to understand. For starters, you would need to become a member of either LottoSpring or Pro Spring. LottoSpring membership fee is €33 and Pro Spring is €66. This is a site that offers a combo of winning through being a part of a syndicate and on the ticket number that you pick to put into the syndicate. Players pay a month to month membership to play. Every syndicate is comprised of 50 players (or less on the off chance that it closes before the draw). There are 13 prize tiers, with the 4th to the 13th paid the face value as expressed in the terms and conditions. For the three top prize levels, rewards are partitioned with the goal that whoever picked the real ticket wins 20% and the rest is paid to the syndicate champs. All things considered, it’s not exactly that straightforward with some of it going specifically to the player’s account and others to their “upline account”.


Who can play at LottoSpring?

Generally, to be eligible to play you have to be over the legal age for gambling in your own country. People who are in and/or a resident of Afghanistan, Burundi, Central African Republic, Conakry (Guinea), Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Eritrea, France, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan North and South, Syria, United States of America and Yemen cannot play here. Be sure that you are legally able to participate in online Lottery.

What are the Special Features/Benefits that LottoSpring has to offer?

“Multiwins” is one of LottoSpring’s special bonus prizes. Prizes are given to people who introduce winners if you are to invite someone to play and they win you win up to a 10% bonus prize. Additionally, if those you have invited invite other who go on to win and invite others, you can earn up to 5%. So basically, refer someone, they win, you win.


Winning at LottoSpring

LottoSpring is fully licensed as a gambling operator, your entries/winnings are insured by respected insurance. With that being said, your winnings are deposited into your account once it has been received by LottoSpring. You’re required to complete a form for insurers if you win in the top two tiers.  Players can withdraw their winnings over €30 however they recommend “100 units of the relevant currency” is a superior edge. In the event that they have to change over any currency (like winning Euros to USD), expenses/charges may apply.

What about Customer Service?

LottoSpring has a well-written and detailed ‘Help’ as well as their FAQ page. Additionally, if players/clients have additional questions, they have an online customer Service Team available to assist, in three different languages.

LottoSpring has an exquisite website, the perfect amount of content and a great design. We would like to see more about the company’s Identity, some background information on the website would be greatly appreciated.


Would we recommend LottoSpring?

We would recommend LottoSpring as we feel we know the ins and outs of the game. The website has loads of useful and helpful information, and players are given such a wide variety of options. This one is worth a go, just ensure that you’re not one of the above mentioned barred countries.


The Review

9 Score


The Good

  • Good odds at winning

The Bad

  • Large number of countries who cannot play


  • Customer Service 90%
  • Website 90%
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