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What could be better than winning money each month, simply because your postcode has been selected? That is the idea behind the Postcode Lottery.

This type of lottery is extremely popular in the UK where thousands of people sign up every month. The People’s Postcode lottery and Free Post Code Lottery are among the biggest and best names in the business, giving away millions of Pounds, amongst other prizes to lucky winners.

People’s Postcode Lottery1

This well-known lottery does not just reward the people who buy tickets every month, it also gives away 55p of every ticket sold to various charities including WWF, The Scottish Wildlife Trust and Children 1st.  The lottery is only open to UK citizens and costs £2 per play.

The process of entering into the lottery is extremely simple.

  1. Open an account and sign up with your postcode.
  2. Subscription costs are £10 per month. This includes daily entries and you can choose whether you would like to buy more than 1 ticket per draw.
  3. The more tickets you buy, the more you win.
  4. Cash payouts are paid straight into your lottery account if you win.

10You can win cash prizes every day as well as a brand new car and dream holiday every month

  1. Every day, the People’s Postcode Lottery gives away £1000 to each home in 5 postcodes.
  2. The Saturday Street Prize gives away £25,000 for every ticket you play.
  3. Every Sunday, every ticket in 15,000 postcodes wins £10.
  4. Each month, you can enter into the Postcode Millions draw where a £2 Million prize is awarded to the selected postcode.

How to cancel the Postcode Lottery

You can cancel your subscription at any time by calling People’s Postcode Lottery and chatting to a representative.

Free Postcode Lottery

The Free Postcode Lottery is exactly that, free. This fast-growing lottery allows UK citizens to enter online by simply registering their postcode and checking each day to see if they are a winner.

A computer randomly selects the lucky postcode each day at noon and winners can expect £100 as a minimum prize. All you need to do is check the site and your winnings will be directly deposited into your account.9

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