Who does my lottery ticket belong to?

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Lottery Ticket Concierges

The online lottery industry is vast and because of the introduction of a lottery ticket concierge, you now have the ability to purchase a lottery ticket from almost anywhere in the world! You could be living in Europe and play the US MegaMillions if you like. All you need to do is sign up, pick a lottery, choose a suitable subscription and then you’ll be set to play. But if you are buying a lottery ticket from another part of the world and you don’t have any tangible proof of having the ticket in your hands, who does it actually belong to?


Even though there are very few international laws which govern against playing the lottery online, the lottery operators themselves often have their own sets of rules and restrictions when it comes to allowing internationals participate. Most lottery concierges make these rules explicit in their terms and conditions documents.

Lottery Tax

Since you are subscribing to an exclusive international service, you’ll obviously be taxed for it – most likely in the initial ticket fee. Some concierges also tax large wins for transfer fees and such, but it is usually made clear in the terms and conditions document.

Lottery Wins

Most lottery ticket concierges offer to claim all wins on your behalf and then subsequently issue you with a check or deposit the money into your account. The collection of a large lottery prize will be dependent on the lottery operator. In most cases, the lottery operator will need you to claim the prize personally by completing a claim form which will verify that you are the rightful winner. In addition to completing the form, you will need to bring your winning ticket along for verification. The concierge will either send you the lottery ticket or assist in the claim process by issuing you with the claim form and then claiming the win on your behalf.

Who really owns the lottery ticket?

Referring back to the terms and conditions, it is commonly stated that the lottery concierge acts solely as a ticket messenger service. In other words, all tickets bought on your behalf essentially belongs to you. Most trusted concierge sites also offer a complimentary scanning service to assure you that the ticket has been purchased and that it does belong to you.


Playing the lottery in a syndicate has its own set of rules altogether. Instead of consulting a terms and conditions, you’ll need to have a look at the initial contract you have drawn up with the other members of your syndicate. In this contract, it will have been outlined who the manager is and which individuals will be liable to buy the tickets on the behalf of the entire group. This does not mean that that person owns the tickets, only that he/she is in charge of distributing them.


When you place bets on the lottery, you forfeit any right to a ticket since there are none being purchased. That is not to say that your bet is not secure, because most lottery betting sites offer insurance on a bet. But for the most part, there are no tickets involved in lottery betting.


Whichever means of playing the lottery you choose, you need to get well acquainted with the rules and terms with the medium you are playing with. In other words, you need to read that boring contract or terms and conditions document to make sure that the ownership of that stake is yours or at the very least have it insured.

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