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As an avid lottery player, you don’t always have the time to pick out a strategic lottery number selection or employ lottery strategies to help you make more informed lottery choices. It could become quite a hassle having to constantly work out calculations or track past lottery trends to stay on top of the game. Because we are always looking for the easiest way to play the lottery, LottoCop has come up with the perfect solution to that problem: The Lottery Number Generator.

What is a Lottery Number Generator?

In a nutshell, a lottery number generator is a software that picks the numbers on your behalf and then churns out the best possible combination to win. Most lotteries have an automated lottery number generator software also known as “quick pick” which gives you a random selection of numbers in a matter of seconds – but is it effective?

According to some, the quick pick can be quite effective in choosing a winning selection and it has also been rumoured that the quick pick does in fact rely on algorithms and past selections of numbers which were proven to win. Our lottery experts have our reservations about these statements but we can definitely agree that lottery number generators are convenient.

Others have expressed that lottery number generators have absolutely no real efficacy and that there is no real strategy behind it but a combination of random numbers. Number generators do however make diversified picks and will give you a balanced selection of odd and even numbers which also makes use of the entire guessing range.

As you may have gathered by now, the manual selection is slowly fading out and making way for the new phase in lottery software. Most lottery concierge sites have already begun to offer advanced technologies that calculate the probability of your lottery selection as well as offering a number generator which is supposed to improve your number selection.


Here are the advantages of a Lottery number generator:

  • It’s convenient
  • It provides a balanced selection of numbers
  • Most jackpots are said to be won by randomly generated numbers
  • New technologies are introduced regularly
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