How to play the lotto online: A Beginner’s Guide

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Do you dream of winning the lotto? For years, people have had a fascination with winning millions, quitting their grueling daily jobs and swopping them for a life of luxury. Playing the lottery can be a confusing process, while the concept is so simple.

1. Pick a lottery

There are many types of lottery options. Most people are aware of the main Lotto, held in most countries. This is where the big money is, sometimes hitting over 300 million dollars at only $1 a ticket (enough for own private island). The most popular national lotteries are the U.S Mega Millions, U.S Powerball and the Euro millions, each of which can be entered from anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for bigger odds which can be played more often, then the Little Lotto’s may be the way to go. Held almost every day, these lotto’s give you a Untitled-3greater chance of winning, even if that means sharing with more winners. Each American state has its very own Little Lotto, like Florida Fantasy 5 and Georgia Fantasy 5.

The Dailies give you the opportunity to play up to four times a day and only cost $1 for each entry. Many of these Dailies include Pick 3 and Pick 4 where all you have to do is pick a 3 or 4 digit number. Simple and quick, you could win up to $500 in many of these lotto’s.

Opt for the easiest route and choose the Quick Picks where you don’t have to choose your own numbers and the computer will generate them for you. There are many websites that offer these services and take the guess out of the guesswork.

2. Work out your lottery strategy

Do you have the perfect strategy and formula to work out the next winning numbers? Many people have their theories and systems to work out their next play, relying on tracking and wheeling numbers. Tracking is watching the numbers that come up in the lotto each week, giving them the odds of coming up again while wheeling is a strategy where numbers are systematically tabled and selected in different combinations every week.

You can increase your odds by pooling your money with other hopefuls. This could potentially end badly if you do not team up with trustworthy people, so be careful who you rely on. This method could give you better odds, but you will need to split your winnings.

3. Make a budget

When you hit that winning streak, it’s difficult to stop yourself from continuing to spend your winnings on the next game. In the end, you could be down on your winnings if you don’t continue to track your efforts. We recommend reinvesting the same amount that you started off with, a sure way of sticking to a budget. Rather cut your losses and play responsibly.

4. Do your research

Spend time finding out all you can about the various lotteries. Each lottery has its own set of rules and regulations, as well as their own list of games. Many of these lotteries now also have their own newsletters, keeping you updated on the latest company updates, though the easiest way of finding out the latest news is by visiting the lottery website.

5. What do I do if I win?

Before you start putting down payments for that Lamborghini that you have had your eye on, double check your ticket or get someone else to have a look and make sure of the date and numbers again.

Many online lottery winnings have to be claimed in 180 days, however, this rule differs in each state. While smaller winnings can be claimed by calling the lottery number, larger winnings may require hiring a lawyer to ensure that your winnings are legitimate and collected in person.

If you have won the major lotto’s like the Mega Millions, the winnings will be paid in installments, another job that your lawyer can administer.

Keeping your ticket safe is the most important part of the process. Tell few people of your winning ticket before you actually receive the money.

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