How can I win the lottery?

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In the lottery world, there are so many systems, books, online advice columns and software programs that claim to help players take home the jackpot. While we cannot give you a formula to work out the exact numbers that will be drawn in the next lottery jackpot, we can give advice on how you can improve your odds.2

1. Play the right games

There are so many lotteries out there, and with online concierge services becoming the easiest way to enter just about any game, you have endless opportunities at your fingertips. Whether you are looking into the big lotteries, or the smaller games, you should always consider the odds before making your purchase. Sometimes, you have to play big to win big, something that all hopefuls taking part in the Mega Millions game will know, as they aim to beat the 1 in 259 million odds.

2. Many players recommend playing in pools or syndicates

There have been some big wins amongst large groups of colleagues, friends and family who decide to beat the odds by pooling their tickets. There are a few things to consider before committing to your group as you need to trust that a winning ticket will definitely be shared as promised. Your odds may have increased, but playing as a group means you have to win as a group, and sharing millions can be a tough pill to swallow.

3. Always ensure that you play “unique” numbers by staying away from the usual numbers played

These include consecutive numbers, a combination that does not show up often in any lottery draw. Your dog’s birthday may be important in your life, but it’s not suggested that you stick to any numbers that are determined by a calendar month. Most winning lottery numbers drawn are found to be over 30.

4. Experts say that you should never become lazy with a quick pick

These computer-generated numbers can often give you lower odds of winning. You can always choose a set of numbers to play in every lotto draw – this has worked for some jackpot winners.

5. Do your research into specific lotteries by looking through the previous numbers drawn40

There may be something to watching out for “hot” numbers which pop up often or “cold” numbers which rarely show. Superstitious analysts have said that number 13 is definitely unlucky, as it has been drawn less than any other number, while number 38 is a common number in lotto history.

No matter how you play the lottery, always remember that you should set a budget before diving into this type of gaming.

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