Lottery Glossary

Lottery rollover

The accumulative carryover of prize money to the following draw.


Lottery roll down

When jackpot funds aren’t won and are distributed to the highest prize tier that does have a winner.



Also known as group play, this option allows the player to participate with other players to play the lotto and split the winnings if they win. Built on this strict mutual agreement, syndicates are formed as a way of improving their chances of winning since the more tickets bought, the higher the odds of winning.


Cash Payout 

Collecting the lump sum of winnings at once (subject to taxation).



Instead of a lump sum cash payout, annuities provide the winner with a steady income in a series of payments over time.


Fixed payout 

A lottery cash prize amount that does not alter with the number of lottery players that are playing at that time.


Hot/Cold numbers 

‘Hot’ numbers are generally those which have been picked the most during the most recent few draws. Conversely, ‘cold’ numbers are those which are seldom picked.


Random number generator 

A software that assists in choosing potential winning numbers based on relative information provided by the player.


Bonus Ball/Bonus number 

Also known as the additional or supplement number, this is drawn and added to the prime set of numbers. Based on the game played, it can be a single number or multiple sets of numbers. Lotto players that pay an extra fee to increase their winning odds are qualified for the Bonus Ball. The main bonus number games are Powerball Lottery and Mega Ball.



A form of playing whereby all stakes are divided among the winners as the prize.



The most popular form of lottery games played whereby numbered balls are drawn at random and players cover the corresponding numbers on their cards.


Lottery ticket 

A printed slip of paper that is given to the lotto player with their lottery numbers printed on it. This ticket must be presented in order to claim winnings.


Nationality Restrictions 

Some states prohibit online/cellular gambling therefore it is important to consult the laws in place before attempting to play any international lottery games.

E.g. US citizens can only participate in state funded lotteries (MegaMillions and Powerball).


Online ticket concierge services 

These are established messenger services for lottery fans which make it possible to play international lottery games. This means that they act as an intermediary for buying tickets for international games and assist in claiming the winnings.

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