Winner Story: 5-Time Seguro Ndabene

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Imagine winning the lottery. Now close your eyes and imagine it happening 5 times! That’s exactly what happened to Seguro Ndabene who managed to win the lottery for the 5th time in a row. In doing so, the elderly man from Calgary has made lottery winner history.

Ndabene has confessed that his secret to playing the lottery is consistency. The elderly player owes his $18m+ fortune to never giving up on playing the lottery. Talking to our sources, he said that he not only plays the lottery often, but he plays all of them! That’s right – ALL OF THEM. Impossible as it may seem, Ndabene has a method to the madness and says that he plays all of the lotteries available to him and also purchases all of his tickets at different outlets.

Another method he employed was a pooling system which closely resembles a syndicate. Even though he bought additional individual tickets, he sought to better his chances by entering into a deal with his brother-in-law. A few wins down the line, Ndabene found himself in a lawsuit with that very same person for being the sole winner. Of course, the ticket that had won was from his individual batches and therefore he had sole claim to the win.

According to mathematicians, winning the lottery twice is highly unlikely so the fact that Ndabene bagged 5 wins defies logic. He commented by saying that it is not an exact science or system – he even rules out luck! According to him, he achieved all of his wins by sheer consistency. All he did was keep on playing different lotteries all at once. Because of this, he is now several dollars richer and still continues to play the lottery. Some people would define this as compulsive gambling, but we find his good fortune and determination something to aspire to.

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