Princess Margaret Lottery

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This famous lottery game is hosted in Canada, Ontario and offers you the once in a lifetime opportunity to win a house and support patient healthcare and cancer research at the same time.  The lottery is run as an annual sweepstake in which all the contributions go to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. The Princess Margaret Home Lottery (PMHL) is a one of a kind lottery as it only has one draw and thereafter tickets will go on sale for the next drawing event of the following year. Unlike usual lottery games, this one does not require much of a commitment since it is hosted once a year.


Playing the Princess Margaret Lottery

Tickets for the Princess Margaret Lottery do not come cheap, but then again, neither do houses. Considering the fact that you stand a chance to win an actual house in Canada, the ticket prices are quite reasonable. Even though there are no international restrictions on who is allowed to enter this draw, tickets must be purchased and delivered to a Canadian area code. Moreover, this lottery does not sell unlimited tickets – only 357,000 are made available so the odds in this lottery are also pretty good. Should you not win the grand prize of a house, there are smaller prize tiers which are also up for grabs. These include; million-dollar dream homes; condos; townhouses; convertible cars; vacations and home electronics to name a few. The best part of this lottery is that all prizes are absolutely tax free, so you get to walk away with your full prize in the event that you win something at the Princess Margaret Lottery.



The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Powered by philanthropy, this foundation is dedicated to funding patient care and research and donates 100% of its proceeds to these initiatives. One Princess Margaret Lottery ticket purchase supports:

  • Canada’s biggest cancer research program
  • One of the biggest cancer clinical trials programs in the world
  • Canada’s biggest and most comprehensive immunotherapy program
  • The biggest single-site radiation medicine program in the world
  • The biggest cancer surgical team in Canada
  • At one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world.


Even though the main objective of this project is charity, participants don’t walk away empty-handed. The Princess Margaret Lottery has awarded many prizes over the years and this years’ grand prize is a testament to how generous this lottery game really is. The winner of this year’s Princess Margaret Lottery prize will walk away with not only a showhome valued at $3.7 million, but they also receive a $700,000 Muskoka Lakefront Cottage plus a $100,000 Cash prize. Ready to enter yet? We sure are!

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