Powerball Mania – Jackpot hits over $1.5 Billion

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The US Powerball has created a nation-wide lottery fever with a jackpot that reached a staggering $1.5 billion dollars – creating a brand new world record! With a jackpot prize this big, naturally people from all parts of the country swarmed to their local retailers to get their hands on a winning ticket. It was reported that even those who hardly gambled found the shot at instant wealth too alluring to resist as they got their tickets hours before the drawing on the 13th January 2016.


According to CNN Money News; The winning tickets were sold in Chino Hills, California; Munford, Tennessee; and in Melbourne Beach, Florida, according to state lottery officials. Balbir Atwal, owner of the 7-Eleven franchise in Chino Hills that sold one winning ticket, said it was “very exciting…. I didn’t expect this big crowd but my Chino Hills customers love me, and I love them,” he said. Atwal, who has owned the store for 24 years, will receive a $1 million bonus for selling the winning ticket.


The winning lottery ticket was claimed by one fortunate family from Tennessee. After the lottery official confirmed the lottery win, a teary-eyed Lisa Robinson said; “I’m a little overwhelmed…. We knew in our heart it was the right number,” she said. Standing with her husband John, the couple admitted that they would stop working from that day onward. “We’re going to take the lump sum because we’re not guaranteed tomorrow,” said John.

enhanced-18625-1452870066-1At 6:56pm, John purchased four computer generated lottery tickets for each member of his family At Naifeh’s Food Market which is just around the corner from their home. When he arrived home, he was not feeling too well and went to lay on the couch. When the winning numbers were announced, Lisa exclaimed “Baby, I think these are the numbers” to her husband who was previously asleep on the couch.

They attended the press conference with their pet dog and two daughters who looked like they could not contain their excitement at this record-breaking win. The couple intends to use the money to pay off their daughter’s student loans and home and thereafter Lisa said she would use the money to “splurge on [her] family.” John, with a more sensible mind, hired a lawyer and an accountant saying; “I know that’s what I needed to do.”

Even though the couple left their jobs, their oldest daughter still plans to work at the dermatologist office. “I’ll be there on Monday,” she said. The family plans to stay in Tennessee so that they can remain close to their other relatives.

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