Ontario Native Wins Lottery of $30 million

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Ashman Kennedy from Kitchener, Ontario is currently $30 million richer and he says he wants to share a major part of his new fortune with his family. “The kids and my grandchildren are the ones that are going to enjoy it,” he said, speaking to the media after cashing on his $30 million cheque.

“All I tell them (is) ‘do not waste it.’”

Kennedy purchased one of two winning tickets for the $60-million jackpot in last Friday’s Lotto Max draw. He purchased his ticket at the Petro-Canada on Ottawa Street South and Strasburg Road. The other ticket was sold in Toronto.

Kennedy said that he began calling his family members when he saw “something strange” about how the ticket coordinated up to the lottery results. He wanted somebody to show up and confirm that he was seeing what he thought he was seeing.

The 69-year-old says he wants to give the vast majority of his winnings to his family so they can “enjoy life to the fullest.”

Yet, he’s not overlooking himself. He wants to use a portion of the jackpot to “relax a little” in a side hobby shop he maintains, and in some other places.

“Whenever I get tired of it, I’ll go and travel the globe,” he expressed, China, Japan, Thailand to be exact. Ashman has already chosen his first country as winter is near. “I can’t wait to hibernate in Jamaica. The island where I was born. The island of sunshine, warm breezes and beautiful water,” he says.



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