Lucky Couple Wins a $1,022,399 Gold Coast Waterfront home

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Australian residents are now proud owners of a luxurious waterfront home thanks to Surf Life Saving. Carol* purchased the online ticket to win the home in light of the fact that she enjoyed the look of it, unbeknown to Andrew*. When Surf Life Saving Lotteries eventually got hold of Andrew he was totally dazed. He didn’t know they had tickets until he missed the call from the Surf Life Saving Lotteries team.

“I was outside when I heard my mobile ring but I let it go to voicemail. I saw it was a 07 number but as I don’t know anyone in Queensland, I wasn’t too bothered and left it for a while. While I finally asked my partner to check my phone messages, she said there was a message from Surf Life Saving Lotteries. We started to think we must have won something … and when my wife told me she had bought tickets in one of their prize homes and it was drawn today, I began to get really excited, but at that stage, we didn’t know what the prize was going to be,” Andrew explained.

“We called the number back, left a message and waited with baited breath for my phone to ring again … I was definitely not going to miss the callback.

“When my phone rang again and the lady on the other end advised we had won a million-dollar home on the Gold Coast plus a new Audi car valued at $60,000, I was stunned.  Disbelief and shock began to creep in … before this I couldn’t even win a pub raffle let alone two life-changing prizes. This was the first time we supported Surf Life Saving Lotteries but we have the utmost respect for what they do – they are incredibly brave and the work they do is certainly worthwhile.”


The couple is still deciding on what to do with their beautiful new home but has since joined the Champions Club to continue their support, we certainly wish them all of the best.

*Names changed for privacy reasons



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Lotto Cop

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