Lottery Winner Story: Mojiful Rahima Sheikh

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“When Kindness Pays Off”

Mojiful Rahima Sheikh’s story begins with him moving to Kerala, West Bengal, in search of a new beginning and a job. The 22-year old who was originally from Bardham was soon to become a father and needed to save enough money to build a house and provide for his family. He wanted his daughter to have a safe childhood without any difficulties.

Shortly after settling in the country, Rahima got a job at a construction site where his daily wage was Rs 50 which is about $0.70. On his way home from collecting his first wage check, he was stopped by a poor man selling lottery tickets. Taking pity on the man, Rahima purchased one of the Karunia tickets (also known as compassion lottery tickets) with the Rs 50 he earned working one whole day.

Three days after purchasing the ticket, unbeknownst to him, Rahima had won $150,000 or Rs 10,000,000. Feeling slightly apprehensive, his first action was to visit the local police stations to seek protection because he was so afraid that somebody would attack him and steal his ticket. Because the banks were closed for two days, Rahima requested the protection of the police officers until he could cash in the ticket.


On the day the banks opened, Rahima was escorted by his fellow police officers and he claimed his rightful prize. Back home, his family organized a “small” reception for his return. It was reported that his family harbours hopes that he’ll to fulfil his lifelong dream to build the house he intended to and then start his own business with the remainder of the jackpot.

Rahima’s story serves as a valuable lesson to all – kindness is always rewarded in kind and it does not matter which lottery is being played, if anyone can dream it, they can be it.

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