Lottery tickets: Online vs Retailers

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If you love playing the lottery and have been doing so for years, then we commend you for your commitment to the game. Some of you may not be aware, but there are actually two ways to play the lottery – the old way and our way.

The Old Way – Lottery Retailers

Previously, in order to participate in the lottery, you’d need to take a trip to your local retailer, fill in a ticket manually and only then will you be issued a lottery ticket. Painful eh? The pain doesn’t end there. Following your purchase, you’ll need to wait for the results to air on television and check your numbers as they are aired live. If the numbers match, you’ll need to drag yourself once again to the retailer to make a formal claim to any lottery wins and only once it has been verified will you be able to get your money.

Don’t get us wrong, there is merit to playing via a retailer, like the absolute certainty that the ticket you bought is safe and secure (well, depending on how well you look after it) and solely yours! Playing via a retailer also cuts out the middle man and any extra costs that may be levied such as international taxes and transactional fees.

Our Way – Lottery Concierge Services

Welcome to the 21st century! Now, you are able to play ANY lottery in the world from any continent at just the click of a button. All you basically have to do is log on from your smart device or PC and then choose which lotteries you’d like to play. Yes, it’s plural – on a lottery concierge website you are given more options and you also have the ability to play consecutively without having to constantly enter. When the lottery draws, you don’t have to even follow it as most lottery concierge services send you regular updates of the results and also notify you if you won any prizes. Instead of having to go to the store again and claim, they do the claiming on your behalf and thereafter deposit the money into your account.

On the flip side, you do not always have the assurance that your ticket is secured with a lottery concierge. Even though most lottery concierges tend to send scanned copies or insure their tickets, we do quite like the idea of being responsible for our own lottery tickets. In terms of taxes and fees, you will most likely be expected to pay an extra charge on the ticket and/or when you win when you play via a concierge. As this is a formal service being rendered, it is expected.


Perhaps we are a little biased in this instance, but it is quite clear that playing online offers more benefits and is also much more convenient compared to playing at the retailer. In the end, as long as you are playing the lottery for fun, we can’t fault you.

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