Lottery concierge sites – Where Do They Come From?


So if you are reading this article, we assume that you are already aware of what a lottery concierge site is and what it does, but do you really know where they come from? The online lottery industry seems to be taking off at full speed with new lottery ticket sellers popping up almost every week and the competition gets tougher with each new addition. Since our lottery specialists have spent a long time investigating the ins and outs of several lottery sites and their origins, the answer to the question is this –  lottery concierge sites originate from white label platforms.

What is a white label platform?

According to the official definition by Investopedia, a white label platform is a product manufactured by one company that is packaged and sold by other companies under varying brand names. The end product appears as though it is being made by the marketer, when in reality it is being created by the manufacturing company. In plainer terms, lottery concierge sites are mostly owned by bigger corporations which own several sites sharing the same or similar appearances and features.


white labelsWhen doing any kind of business, you need to be aware of the different kinds of interactions – business to business (B2B), and /or business to consumer (B2C). White label platforms form part of the former category as they provide services to other businesses by selling innovative solutions and lottery software to other smaller companies looking to expand their reputation and revenue. In other words, Business A (B2B) sells to Business B (B2C) which, in turn sells the final product to the Consumer (C) as a lottery concierge.

There is a catch however – As consumers, you will most likely be liable to pay more than the retail fee for a ticket because the B2C company will most likely charge extra commissions for services in order to compensate the B2B company for their services rendered.



Why do lottery concierge sites need a white label platform?

With the regular proliferation of new sites, lottery concierge sites are constantly competing for the role of the consumer’s favor and vote of trust. A white label platform can provide both of those factors as well as take care of all the admin and back-end software mumbo-jumbo that goes into creating a site that allows online ticket sales. The platform also deals with the smaller details like handling licensing, payment methods, lotto feeds, insurance and features to keep the player entertained. All the B2C company needs to do then, is to plug and play their preferences.



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