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Contrary to popular belief, the lottery is a constantly evolving form of entertainment and is played by all types of people worldwide. With new ways to play and different software and technologies being constantly introduced into the game, some people believe that insured lottery tickets are the new phase to playing the lottery.

What is an insured lottery ticket?

If you are familiar with the online lottery industry, you must already know by now that lottery tickets are bought, scanned and then sent to the player as a confirmation of the concierge’s legitimacy. Lottery betting however does not have the same principal as there are no tickets being bought in this instance. Instead, when you bet on the odds of the lottery, the online company will insure the lottery ticket or jackpot so that you are guaranteed a pay-out in the event that you win.

This ultimately means that if your lottery ticket is insured, you will receive the full pay-out of the win as soon as it is made available. Be careful of websites that claim that their tickets are insured when they are not, always make sure to check the legitimacy of the insurer online before signing up to any new services.

Advantages of Lottery Ticket Insurance

There are a great many advantages to insuring a lottery ticket – the obvious one being that you have the assurance that you will be paid out in full in the event that you win with no small annuities and a full lump sum. Another great advantage is that because insurance and betting are mutually exclusive, you do not have to wait for the lottery operator or claim the money in person – as soon as the results are published, the money will be made available to you (subject to KYC).

If you are a frequent lottery player, this is something we suggest you consider as it may be hard to keep track of how many times you play or which tickets have won the lottery. With insured lottery tickets, you eliminate having to look for old lottery tickets or making trips to claim the money after having to fill out forms – the money is yours! The online operator will most likely handle the paperwork on your behalf and then deposit the money to you as soon as it is made available.

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