Celebrities who play the lottery

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If it isn’t enough that they are talented and already win at life, there are celebs who actually play the lottery! Despite making millions and having more money than they could count, some celebrities have confessed that they still play the game for entertainment and the thrill.

Hugh Jackman

The famous actor who plays Wolverine in the X-Men series is an avid lottery player. It has been reported that he buys tickets in bulk and gives them to his crew as a method of bonding. After noticing that he knew nothing about his fellow co-workers, he decided to use this as a way of connecting them and form ties.

Paris Hilton

Everyone knows that Paris is the golden girl of Hollywood and also the poster girl for ‘spoilt rich’. So why does she play the lottery? Apparently it was said that she does it for the recognition and also to stay rich. It was further reported that the starlet was reluctant to donate the full sum of her winnings and only conceded on 10% to charity.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is also a regular lottery player despite having a busy schedule at the X-Factor. He has been seen in possession of actual lottery tickets so we know that he prefers the old school method.


The Queen of Pop is more than just an avid player, she actually loves the game. At one point, she even won a whopping $130,000 which she donated to charity – she obviously doesn’t need the extra cash right?

Wayne Rooney

It has been said that athletes are the wealthiest celebrities yet the star of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney still manages to play the lottery on a regular basis. Though he doesn’t actually purchase the tickets himself, he doesn’t miss a lottery draw.

George Clooney and Elizabeth Hurley

These two prominent actors bought tickets for the Italian SuperEnaLotto in hopes to strike the big time and donate the proceeds to charity. Though unsuccessful, the two were gracious enough to donate the sum from their own pockets anyway.

Kim Kardashian

The famous wife of Kanye is no stranger to the lottery either. She often posts about the Powerball but it is yet to be confirmed whether she actually plays. Either way, she still promotes the game so that alone stands as a good sign.



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