Canadian Man wins Lottery of $21 million

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A Nanaimo man has been revealed as the winner of last Saturday’s $21-million Lotto 6/49 jackpot. Bill Laharty can call himself a multi-millionaire after guessing all the right numbers during last weekend’s lottery, and not only did he win, but he also set an online lottery record. Laharty bought his ticket on, winning more than any ticket ever purchased online in Canada.


So what were his first purchases as a lottery winner?

He bought himself a new luxury car, and got one for his best friend too. He also plans on getting a new condo, a bigger boat, and splurge on vacations to exotic locales like Bora Bora. “Ever since I discovered I won, it’s like I’ve been in a dream. I saw this big number and had to count all the zeros. I couldn’t believe it and no one else does either!” said Laharty. Nanaimo seems to be a lucky spot for lottery players – two of the largest online lottery winners in Canada are Nanaimo residents.


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Lotto Cop

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