Winner’s Story: Brother’s Luck

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Bob and James Stocklas have fast become world renowned for being the brothers who won the lottery – with two separate tickets! The two lucky brothers from Pennsylvania have a long history of purchasing lottery tickets and evidently both had a winning streak at the same time.

James Stocklas (67) who is a Senior District Judge, had bought his tickets along with some of his friends before going on a fishing trip. One month later on his way home from the trip, he discovered that he and the two friends had won the $291million jackpot. According to the Daily Mail, James purchased $10 in tickets at Tom Thumb store in Marathon Wednesday and, at the very same time, his brother Bob was also purchasing a ticket.

James, who is known as the more avid player of the two brothers, has a history of pooling his tickets with his friends. On his way home from the trip, he and the two friends stopped at a familiar diner and he decided to check the results from his mobile. It was then that he had discovered that he had won. “Then it was chaos in the restaurant. I looked at her (the friend) and we were jumping up and down,” he remarked.

In a fit of exultation, he proceeded to buy the entire restaurant breakfast and called his family to tell them the good news. ‘We are going back to Florida!’ He exclaimed.

Becoming newly accustomed to the fast life, James asked a friend who owns a private jet to fly him to Florida to verify the win and claim his prize. The trip costs totalled $20,000. Thereafter, the day passed in a “blur of champagne and signing papers,” he told the Daily Mail.

Even though he is now a millionaire, he does not plan to leave his job anytime soon and plans to use the money to “help his family and set up several trust funds’ and would also like to donate some to charities”.

Because he chose to pool his tickets, he won the lottery and was able to walk away with a $40 million stake after taxes. Bob only purchased a single ticket so all he gained was $7.

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