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There are so many online lotteries out there, but how do you know who to trust? That’s where LottoCop comes to your rescue, busting the scams and rating the best lotteries out there on a global scale.

We have scoured the internet on your behalf to find the top games with the biggest payouts, while helping you to play online safely and securely. At LottoCop, we have become experts in the lottery field, creating a platform for all of the latest lottery news and offering advice on how you can play to win.

You may be apprehensive when it comes to playing lotteries online and we don’t blame you. The reality is that there are plenty of scam artists just waiting to take your hard earned money and there are few signs that can warn you against them.

We always suggest that you take your time researching the various lotteries out there before you commit to anything, and where better to start than right here at LottoCop.

Whether you are new to the online lottery scene, or you have been playing for years, our team is dedicated to supplying up to date, unbiased and informative advice on a daily basis.


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