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So you want to be a millionaire and you’re thinking of playing the lottery but you’re not sure which one to play and how to go about doing it… don’t fuss, LottoCop will accommodate you with the latest news, reviews and tips on the lottery – be it local or international.

Here at LottoCop, we are all about making everything simple for you so we have our specialists constantly investigating new lottery ticket concierge sites to give you an expert opinion on which ones are reliable and trustworthy.


Reviews and ratings.

Name Games Best Offer Commission on Winnings Licenced Rating Website Review
Lottery99 9 lotteries $2 Sign up bonus YES YES 5-starsWEBSITEREVIEW
DaLotto 9 lotteries $2 Sign up bonus YES YES 5-starsWEBSITEREVIEW
TheLotter 49 lotteries & Syndicates Buy One Get One Free NO YES 5-starsWEBSITEREVIEW

Lottery Reviews

Smart Lotto Review

Smart Lotto Review

Summary     What is Smart Lotto? Smart lotto is a relatively new partnership company owned by Padraig Cosgrove and Noel Rowland....

Why play lottery online?

The lottery alone offers endless possibilities, when you opt to play the lottery online, you opt for convenience and variety. Where your local retailer may only offer 3 resident lotteries; a lottery concierge can offer up to 20 different lottery games from all around the world. And the best part? You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to participate. All you need to do is visit our Trusted Agents page and choose the on best suitable for your lottery choices.

Improve your chances of winning the lottery

Even though the lottery is a game of chance, we at LottoCop believe in optimizing chances into opportunities to win. Once again relying on our lottery specialists, we have compiled data on the most reliable tools, software and strategies to assist you in playing the lottery to win. To learn more about these implementations, please visit our Tools, Software & Strategies page for more information on how you are able to increase your winning odds. Our Lottery Tips  page is also a helpful resource for those who are looking to learn more about how the lottery works and how to avoid possible scams.

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